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Most people developing open source applications are driven by own needs and so do I. I love riding my bicycle and I wanted to use my HAC4 bicycle computer with Linux. There was no application for Linux available and so I started this project on my own. After a lot of work there was a first version out, which was only available for Linux. After some help of other developers we got this application running also on Win32 and MacOSX.

HAC4Linux is a GPL application for bicycle computers of different manufactures. What bicycle computers are implemented and usable, or which bicycle computer drivers are planned can be read in the "Supported devices" section.

This programme becomes (hopefully) an alternative to HRM Win32 applications which are shipped by the manufacturers forgetting all Linux and MacOSX users. I started this project on my own and so I needed a lot of time to implement all functions. There are some more people around now helping to delevop, but I still look for some help. Help is needed for driver programming, icon drawing, translating and documentation writing. See also: "Help wanted!" You do not need to invest a lot of time to help us.

The most important part of the development process is still feedback. So: If you are unsatisfied with some functions or you need some more, tell in the feature request tracker (see: features). If you found errors, please go to sourceforge and insert your bug report into the bug tracker (see: bugs). Without your help we can not improve HAC4Linux, HAC4Windows or HAC4Mac a quick as we want to, because most bugs are found by end users heavily using a programme.

So have fun riding your bicycle and using HAC4Linux, HAC4Windows or HAC4Mac afterwarts!

Rick-Rainer Ludwig

CICLOSport devices:

HAC4 CM 414-AM HAC4(mph)

Polar devices:

XTrainer SportTester

Huger devices:


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