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Help wanted!

At the moment we are only a few people writing this application. Because of a leak of time (We want still to ride our bicycles!) we look for people, who want to help us. Have a look to the following list of tasks:

To improve HAC4Linux we always need feedback! Write found bugs into the bug tracker . But: Please check the database before including bugs!
You also can frequently use the feature request tracker to write your wishes what should be implementedin HAC4Linux .
We look for people wanting to translate HAC4Linux into their native languages. Every language is welcome! You do not need any programming experiences, you only need some time and some small tools. Have a look to the "very small translation HOW-TO" in the download section.
Driver programming:
We look for people with some C/C++ experiences to develop drivers for their own HRMs. Starting from version 0.1.0 some new features and a driver architecture were included. You only need to write a small dynamic link library. For that have a look to the file "hac4_h4ldriver.h" in the directory "hac4linux-x.x.x/hac4linux/drivers/hac4_h4ldriver" in every source distribution starting from version 0.1.0-pre!
Icon creating:
We look for people who want draw or collect some nice icons. The icons in HAC4Linux are quite ugly up to now. You do not need any programming experiences. Just open a picture from the directory "hac4linux-x.x.x/hac4linux/icons" and draw. You only have to pay some attention: XPM pictures are C/C++ source code! It must be written "static const char *" and the name must be the same! That's it!
Package building:
We look for people who want to build binary packages for all kinds of distributions.
Documentation writing:
We look for people with experiences in SGML/HTML/LaTeX to write user documentation for HAC4Linux, HAC4Windows and HAC4Mac. The primary users manual should be written in english, but also other languages are welcome.
Website building:
We look for people with experiences in XHTML and PHP to keep this website up-to-date and to improve the design. This webpage should be written in english, but other languages are also welcome (french, spain, german...).

If you want to help, write an email! You should tell us your SourceForge user name, so you can get access to the development archives of HAC4Linux at SourceForge. You get the username after registration for free! So you mustn't be worried about some license fees! :-)

Rick-Rainer Ludwig
(webmaster and project leader)
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