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HAC4Windows ZIP file error

may 2003: I was told, that the HAC4Windows 0.1.0 ZIP file was corrupted. I tested on my computer and everything worked. The error occured during upload. Sorry, but I didn't check the file afterwarts!

Developent for MacOSX started

january 2003: Matthias Ringwald started porting HAC4Linux for MacOSX. The source files will be the same, but with some compiler definitions the source code shall become usable for MacOSX. Stay tuned, we will hopefully release a first version before summer. The MacOSX version is named then HAC4Mac.

Final release of HAC4Linux 0.1.0 released

2002-12-04: The final of HAC4Linux 0.1.0 is out. I fixed some bugs and increased the calculation speed with some internal changes.

First release candidate for HAC4Windows 0.1.0 released

2002-10-19: The first release candidate for HAC4Windows 0.1.0 was released. After I saw the download number for HAC4Windows 0.0.5 I decided to distribute HAC4Windows again. Because of the new driver architecture in HAC4Linux and the leak of information about Win32 DLLs I compiled all drivers statically to HAC4Windows.exe. HAC4Windows is identical to HAC4Linux, so all files created with the Linux version are readable in Windows and vice versa. Now I need some information about stability and usability of both versions (HAC4Linux and HAC4Windows) to decide when I release the final versions.

Second release candidate for HAC4Linux 0.1.0 released

2002-10-13: The second release candidate (0.1.0-rc2) was released. The main change is the fixed download bug, which made HAC4Linux crash after finishing the download process. Also some internal updates were made.

First release candidate for HAC4Linux 0.1.0 released

2002-10-01: The first release candidate (0.1.0-rc1) was released. The main improvements are the posibility to edit data in a graphical dialog and the improvement of the add mark function. After an update of my development system to the gcc 3.2 compiler HAC4Linux compiles now also on an GCC3 based machines. The library access is also changed, because of new symbol names in dynamic libraries. I will not add new functions for the final version 0.1.0. Only bug fixes and translation updates will be included.

HAC4Linux 0.1.0-pre2 released

2002-07-22: This release is the second pre-release for testing. Polar's XTrainer fully implemented and is ready for testing. Also a lot of bugs are fixed. I am sorry, but downloading and converting data did not work in version 0.1.0-pre! This problem is also fixed!

HAC4Linux 0.1.0-pre released

2002-07-13: This release is a first pre-release for testing. New is the driver architecture which is to be tested. Also new is the implemented HRM device "Polar SportTester/ VantageXL" (still alpha!). The final 0.1.0 release will follow in some weeks with the included support for the "Polar XTrainer".

Development stop for Win32 version

2002-06-01: I decided to develop a real Linux application and to stop developing a Win32 version. Because of some internal updates and structure changes a development for Windows would mean a double work.
I am sorry with all Windows users, but I started this project as a Linux application and I tried to release a Windows version too. But because of some differences between Posix and Windows and DLL's and dynamic link libraries for Linux, I can not support Windows anymore. Is there someone out to port this programme to Win32? I can give some hints.

For some good HRM programmes for Windows have a look to my list of links.

Version 0.1.0 in late summer

2002-05-30: Because of a leak of time, I had no time to develop HAC4Linux. The next version is planned to be released somewhen in August or September. Please stay patient!

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